Mortgage Appraisals Vancouver

Mortgage Appraisals VancouverUnderstanding Mortgage Appraisal
There are a lot of online mortgage resources created to help you make the most out of mortgage deals available. You can easily find resources such as articles and related tools, including Bankrate mortgage calculator and mortgage payoff calculator to help you stay profitable the entire time. You can even save a lot of money by making better mortgage decisions with the help of these available resources.
One of the resources you should look into is the one about mortgage appraisal, and here at Ecom Appraisals Inc., we are dedicated to providing you with quick, accurate real estate appraisals. With over 30 years of experience in delivering our mortgage appraisal services to the Metro Vancouver, Lower Mainland, and Fraser Valley area, we use a set of unique standards when appraising mortgage applications. Understanding these standards can help you get approved for your mortgage faster, allowing you to secure the house you have always wanted easily. But before we proceed, let’s talk about the term in more details.
Mortgage Appraisal is a detailed evaluation of a particular property that estimates its value. At Ecom Appraisals Inc, we have highly trained professionals who are state licensed to conduct the appraisals, and they can provide you with a range of appraisal services for residential mortgages, matrimonial settlements, foreclosures, estates, and more.

What is the Cost of Mortgage Appraisal?
Prices of the services for mortgage appraisal in Vancouver varies depending on the particular home. Properties that are large and more valuable can cost more to appraise than smaller and less valuable homes. Costs also can fluctuate depending which type of appraisal is being done. The most common type of mortgage appraisal is one in which the licensed appraiser will enter and thoroughly inspect the property.
What are Mortgage Appraisers Looking For?
At Ecom Appraisals Inc., our mortgage appraisers have a large number of specific things to examine to complete a comprehensive appraisal. The square footage or size of the home, as well as the size of the property, will be considered. Also, we will closely relate the appraised value of a property to the real estate market in the area in which we located it. Careful examination will allow us to record any issues or concerns that can affect the overall value. Detrimental factors such as a leaking roof or a cracked foundation can certainly lower the value. We will examine the location of the property and the surrounding area including the condition of neighboring homes, accessibility to city services and amenities, and other such considerations. The amount of time it is estimated to take a property to sell is also a part of the overall appraisal.
Our overall goal is to determine what fair market value would be. Anything that would lower or increase that fair market value, or what someone would likely pay for the home is sought. Once the inspection is completed, we will compare the property to other recent sales in the area for closely comparable properties. We will take a look at three of four of the closest comparable properties and make both positive and negative adjustments for any differences. By looking at the adjusted valuations, the final appraised value can be determined and submitted.
Wrapping Up
Before applying for any service of a mortgage appraisal in Vancouver, we advise that you know the exact value of your house as our appraisers will need to first evaluate its actual value. Remember that value can be different from sale price; knowing the value of your house can help you determine the chances of getting instant mortgage approval as well as just how good and profitable the purchase you are making is.
After we have appraised the right house value, we continue with analyzing your financial statements to determine if you are eligible for the amount of mortgage you apply for. At the end of the appraisal process, we will compare all the information we acquired with other personal information you supplied and finally decide to grant or deny you the mortgage deal.
One thing you can do is to use available Mortgage Refinance Calculator to help you see if you are eligible for the mortgage plan instead of just sitting to wait for the completion of the appraisal process. The Calculator will help you calculate Loan and Mortgage Payoff.
At Ecom Appraisals Inc., we have made available area-dedicated mortgage appraisers with comprehensive knowledge of their specific geographic markets. All you need to do to get started is to fill and submit our simple, online appraisal request form or contact us at 604 267 7007 so we can assist you on how to place an order today. Mortgage Appraisals Vancouver