Vancouver Appraisals

Vancouver Appraisals
Latest technology providing the fastest estimates
Here at Ecom Appraisals, we use cutting edge proprietary technology and software to provide our clients with accurate real estate estimates at fast turnaround times. Our goal is to provide you and your clients with an appraisal service that is both pleasant and efficient. 
We are Vancouver appraisers, builders, realtors, mortgage underwriters, and land developers with over three decades of experience and have since expanded our business to all throughout Canada. 
Area specialists providing specialized estimates
Our Certified Residential Appraisers all operate in specific areas and possess extensive knowledge of the real estate markets in their respective locations. Rest assured that Ecom Appraisals offers specialized estimates that reflect the localized trends of the areas we operate in.
Our qualified appraisers can be found in twenty different areas located throughout British Columbia. We also are affiliated with B2B-Appraisals in Edmonton should you be located there and are in need of appraisal service. 
Our appraisal services are quick and cover a number of situations 
When it comes to real estate estimates, Ecom Appraisals have you covered. Thinking about taking out a residential mortgage? Becoming a homeowner is a life changing decision, and one that can seriously impact your life if you make the wrong call. Maybe you’re looking to move to another neighborhood and need to sell your house. If the market takes a turn for the worse and your home’s resale value plummets, you’ll be in a tight spot in more ways than one. Let us at Ecom Appraisals make sure that you’re getting a good deal.
Matrimonial settlements sometimes can get quite unpretty, quite quickly. What’s important is keeping things fair for both parties and Ecom Appraisals can help ensures that this happens. No matter your situation, if it’s an appraisal you need, we’re the ones for the job. For a quoted price, we can provide an appraisal the same day that you request it.
Online or on the phone, we’re easy to communicate with
Tired of the clutter of paperwork in your office? Not a problem. We have a quick and easy to fill out online appraisal request form. Upon completion of this form, all relevant information will be sent to you via electronic delivery. If you’re not a people person, we’ve set up a fully automated office, that can provide you with up to date information. 
Or if you are old-fashioned, and enjoy the experience of conversation with another human being, contact us at 604-267-7007 to get started. Ecom Appraisals is here to serve you, and we’re never hard to get into contact with!
Vancouver Appraisals